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Car accidents are terrifying. They come out of nowhere and can be some of the most traumatic experiences someone faces in their life. From painful injuries to financial burdens that can seem impossible to overcome, finding relief after these instances can cripple even the most resilient individuals. Finding a skilled car accident attorney can make a huge difference in how fast you are able to receive compensation for your injuries and get back to your life.

Valdese Car Accident Lawyer

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Valdese

There are an endless number of reasons why two cars may collide on the streets of Valdese. These instances are often due to at least one party engaging in reckless behavior or neglecting basic traffic laws that are designed to keep everyone safe on the road. The following are the most common reasons these accidents occur:

  • Distracting driving. It is crucial to keep your eyes on the road to protect yourself and those around you. However, this is not always a rule drivers follow. We live in an era where distractions are all around us, such as receiving a text message while on the road or trying to squeeze in a meal before reaching your destination. Even just a few seconds of taking your eyes off the road can prevent someone from seeing a hazard on the road and reacting in time to avoid a collision.
  • Speeding. There is a reason why speed limits have been carefully decided on and posted throughout Valdese. The combination of the street design and traffic levels make some areas less safe to drive faster than others. If someone is driving over the speed limit, there is a higher chance they will lose control of their vehicle and strike another car or pedestrian.
  • Driving under the influence. Alcohol and drugs are not to be used on the road under any circumstance. These substances impair a driver’s ability to react quickly or make sound judgments when presented with a road hazard. Because it prevents someone from being able to make safe decisions as compared to their sober counterparts, there is a higher chance they will cause an auto accident.
  • Aggressive driving. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the rules of the road. Sometimes people engage in very aggressive forms of driving that can leave everyone around them unsafe. For example, a driver who is weaving in and out of traffic unnecessarily or makes lane changes quickly without using their turn signal can cause disaster.
  • Weather conditions. We are not able to control the weather, but we are expected to adjust our driving behaviors to accommodate different scenarios on the road. When the roads become icy or wet, there is a higher chance that our vehicles slide on the ice or hydroplane. Fog can make it harder for us to see one another. In these instances, drivers are expected to adjust how fast they typically drive and follow any other weather-related driving recommendations to help keep themself and everyone around them safe. When this is violated, there is room for any individuals injured to pursue an automobile accident claim.

Potential Compensation to Be Earned in a Car Accident Injury Claim

Any victims of a car accident in Valdese, North Carolina, are welcome to connect with a personal injury attorney and see what forms of compensation they may be eligible for. Common categories of compensation include:

  • Medical expenses. It’s very likely that if you were in a car accident, you were advised to see a medical professional to make sure there were no injuries. If you were diagnosed with any personal injury from the accident and had to receive treatment to heal, any charges from this can be recovered in court.
  • Lost wages. Sometimes the extent of injuries after a car accident is so severe that an individual is not able to return to their job and perform as usual. If it’s proven that the car accident was not your fault, that validates you have a legitimate reason to be missing out on work. This will allow you to recover compensation for any shifts you missed due to your injuries. There is also the possibility of collecting future wages to make sure you are not forced to return to work until you are functioning normally.
  • Property damage. The number one piece of property that is often damaged in these instances is your vehicle. There is almost always some type of damage to fix, regardless of how minor or severe the accident was. However, if you had property in your car, such as expensive electronics, you could seek reimbursement for those items as well. If your car will be in the automobile shop for a while being repaired, ask your attorney if they can also get you compensation for the cost of a rental car while you wait.
  • Pain and suffering. Being in a car accident can cause a ton of emotional distress as you keep replaying the events of the accident in your head over and over again. You can also experience forms of post-traumatic stress disorder every time you see a vehicle or get behind the wheel again. This is a normal reaction to a traumatic event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue compensation for pain and suffering. It can be difficult for a court to quantify the extent of these emotional influences from the accident, but working with an attorney can maximize your efforts to demonstrate their impact on your life.

The Role of Car Accident Attorneys in Valdese

It’s no secret the average citizen of Valdese does not have a degree in law or a history of experience representing clients in similar legal scenarios. This is the huge value that hiring a car accident attorney can bring to your case. Starting with the initial investigation into your accident, all the way to negotiating with an insurance company and settling your case either before or after court, the legal support from an attorney in Valdese should not be underestimated. Keep an honest and open relationship from the very start with the attorney you choose to hire, and you will see just how beneficial their assistance can be as you pursue justice.

Car Accident Lawyers FAQs

Q: How Much Can Someone Sue for After a Car Crash?

A: There is no singular answer to the total amount an individual can sue for their car accident. The specific details of how the accident happened and what injuries resulted are two of the most critical factors that will influence how much a victim can seek compensation. North Carolina practices the contributory negligence rule. This means that if, during the legal investigation, the individual who was harmed is proven to be even as little as 1% responsible for the accident, it may reduce their ability to obtain compensation. To prevent the defense from being able to demonstrate this in court, hiring an attorney to devise a solid legal strategy can dramatically help.

Q: How Is Fault Determined in a Car Accident?

A: It all starts with a detailed analysis of the evidence that is legal to use in court. Lawyers want to be able to determine which party’s negligence or reckless behavior caused the accident to occur. A close review of any police reports or surveillance video can help uncover exactly what happened during the accident. The contributory negligence rule enforced in the state gives the process of determining fault very little room for error, as even the slightest fault could result in no compensation for the victim’s injuries. This is why you do not want to risk representing yourself in court after an accident, especially if you are heavily relying on compensation to restore your life.

Q: What Is the Most Important Evidence to Collect in a Car Accident?

A: All evidence matters. The more evidence collected and used, the stronger the prosecution’s case is. Video of the accident is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence to be used. It brings everyone directly to the scene of the crime, where they can make their own assessments as to who caused the accident. If there were any witnesses nearby who saw what happened, their testimony is also critical to helping a court understand the events that unfolded. Work closely with your car accident attorney to make sure all evidence is collected legally. If not, you may be forced to discard a piece of evidence that otherwise would have helped you receive compensation for your injuries.

Q: What Are Most Lawyer Fees for in Car Accident Cases?

A: Most attorneys in Valdese work on a contingency fee basis. This is where an attorney does not send their client a bill until their case is officially won through settlement or in court. It’s an attractive payment option for those who do not have enough money saved to pay for legal fees upfront. The percentage range for what your attorney may collect after winning a case can range from 25% to 40% in total. Be sure to ask up front what their expectations are for payment to make sure you feel comfortable advancing with their services.

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