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I have a CDL drivers license and Blair Cody got my case dismissed. I am so glad my DWI case was dismissed.


Atty Blair Cody is the man with the legal plan! The esteemed esquire with the 5 star power! His paralegal Crystal is a pistol! She will kindly return your calls at the sound of a whistle! Many thanks to their great legal tank, that saved me future trips to the bank! Bulldog Blair can and will make the legal system play fair!


Mr. Cody went above and beyond my expectations. Not only did he stay honest with me about what to expect during my case, he also held up to everything he promised. I would absolutely reccomend any person seeking an attorney to contact Mr. Cody, he is worth every penny. Thank you for all the work you put into get my case taken care of.

Jessica Beth

Mr. Blair was very professional and was able to get all my charges dropped. Thank you so much to you and your team.

Richard Sterger

Blair Cody is an excellent attorney and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. He has a true passion for representing his clients.


Mr. Cody is professional, listens to what you say, is easily available to speak with, considers all possibilities, works for you. 5-star review.


When I was arrested and charged with DWI, I was completely unprepared for the process and the potential consequences. Thankfully, I found Blair Cody and he agreed to represent me. Mr. Cody explained how the system works and provided options on how to move forward. I was kept informed while waiting for a court date and was always able to get answers to any questions as they arose. As the Court date approached, Mr. Cody laid out a multi-faceted legal strategy with the intent of defending my rights and obtaining the most favorable outcome without making unrealistic promises. Fortunately, due to his understanding and mastery of the law, one of the foundational elements of Mr. Cody’s defense strategy was successfully executed and all charges against me were ultimately dropped. Of course, this was the most desirable result and may not be possible in all situations, but I am confident that it would not have been possible in my case without Blair Cody’s passionate representation. I have already given Mr. Cody personal endorsements to friends and family, and I will continue to do so.


While working as a deputy sheriff, I injured my back while arresting an intoxicated person. After dealing with Workman’s Compensation for a number of years and getting nowhere, I contacted Lyndon and he assisted me through the twists and turns dealing with Workman’s Compensation and helped me reach an agreement with them where I could get on with my life.

The whole time we’ve dealt with Lyndon and his staff, we couldn’t ask for any better service. They took care of us, they answered our questions. If we had questions, we called. They would get us an answer; if they couldn’t answer it then, they would get us an answer and call us back. They provided us with copies of the stuff we needed. We were just really pleased with the service we got from Lyndon and his staff. I couldn’t ask for a better person and people to work with. We were really satisfied with the service we got from Lyndon.


Mr. Cody got me my life back. He worked extremely hard to make sure I was given the best representation possible. There were times when I thought it (my case) was helpless but he assured me it would work out in my favor. I firmly believe he is the only lawyer in Catawba County and the State of North Carolina for that matter that could have won my case. Blair E. Cody, III, is a no brainer when it comes to DWI defense. I would tell anybody that asked me, if you want the best defense possible, put your trust in Blair E. Cody, III and the outcome will be in your favor.


I was involved in a motor vehicle accident while on my job. Lyndon took both my cases: motor vehicle and Workman’s Compensation case.

Lyndon was very, very supportive of me getting medical attention, because my Workman’s Compensation kept denying the claim. They wouldn’t let me go to a doctor for four months. So he sent me — he said you absolutely can get some medical attention. Then I got to see some doctors and got into therapy and everything. But that was very helpful when you’re in pain!

But Lyndon was so supportive. His staff — I would get so “frustrated” … and I’d call Melissa and she’d let me vent on the phone. I just thought they were wonderful. And anytime I wanted to see Lyndon, he was very accommodating. I just can’t say enough for them. I don’t have anything but positive to say.


While on the job, I broke my leg in two different places to where they had to put rods and screws. And I thought Workman’s Comp would do the fair thing and be just about it. But anybody who thinks Workman’s Comp is gonna do you a favor and do the right thing … lives on another planet.

I got with Lyndon and he took my case right on the spot. Through the process of working with Workman’s Comp, they have tried to take my pay two to three times for no reason, so Lyndon put a stop to that. Every time I’d call and have questions for Lyndon, he’d promptly answer my questions. He has worked way and beyond the call of duty to work my case.


I was extremely pleased with Blair Cody’s representation in my matter, and also with the better-than-anticipated result. Starting with the initial visit, Blair was very thorough in his approach. He spent approximately two hours on that first visit going over every aspect of my case. After that, he kept me informed relative to what was required of me (very little), and how things were progressing. It proved to be a somewhat lengthy process, but the end result was worth the wait. I would recommend Blair Cody as legal counsel to all of my family and friends.


Blair Cody represented me in my DWI legal matter. Mr. Cody was thorough and advised me on what was best for me. He was able to get my case heard quickly which stopped the blood test, since I pled guilty. Everyone at his firm was very helpful and also thorough. I highly recommend Blair E. Cody, III.


He has never turned me down of coming up here and talking to me. He was always there to try to hurry it on. He would check in to see what the holdup was, what the holdup was down in Raleigh. What the holdup was with Workman’s Comp. Why ain’t they doing something?

He wants to help everybody, and I just think the world of him. He’s just a superman in my book. He’s a superman! He’s just there to help you. If you want help, all you’ve got to do is just call him, and he’ll come to you. And he’ll help you, too!


He works so hard. You’d think you were the only one he was working with. He keeps in contact with the phone. He has a secretary call you. He’s a very honest guy. And if he doesn’t think you’re gonna win, he ain’t gonna tell you, “Oh yeah, we can.” He’s gonna tell you, “You ain’t got a chance.” He’s a good guy. He’s truthful. He made a really good impression on my husband. And he remembers details that most people wouldn’t remember. He’s a very honest guy.


Lyndon, the first day I walked in his door, he had that charisma that made me feel very comfortable. As a person, when you walk into an attorney’s office, first of all, you feel intimidated … because he’s up here and you’re down here. But the day I walked into Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC‘s office, it was like we’re part of a team.

My pain was aching me, but nobody was listening. I was calling Workman’s Comp, and I was going here and there. The union said there was nothing you could do. We gotta go through this loophole. And then all of a sudden, a guy out of 71, it was an old local, a guy I had met years ago … we got to talking, and the guy says, “I know Lyndon,” and he’s the one who hooked me up first with Lyndon. And from that day forwards, I felt very comfortable. I was going though all these pains for two months. I went through loopholes with Workman’s Comp, and I was not getting any results, and two months later — and I can go show you exactly: I got hurt on April 1st — I’ll never forget it — April Fools’ Day 2003, and it was like June when I finally came to Lyndon. From that day forwards, he took my game plan up and he took off running. He worked through the Workman’s Comp laws because I had no knowledge of all these laws and these loopholes. And that’s when he took charge, and all of a sudden things started rolling.

Lyndon — he didn’t have to say nothing to me. He just let me be free enough to come in and say, look, tell it like it is: “Your back’s hurting. They sent you to all these doctors, and they say you’ve got to get back to work. And we had a supervisor who had told me that I could never come back to work unless I was at 200 percent. And Lyndon convinced them that I would never be 200 percent.

I believe in Lyndon, and I believe Lyndon would help you with any case or any cause. Thanks Lyndon for a job well done.


When I received an open container possession charge I was scared to death. I thought my career was over and I would lose my job. My friend referred me to Blair Cody so I immediately called. I had an appointment with him within a few days of my initial call. During the meeting, my nerves were calmed by his interest in my personal case, willingness to listen, great advice, and confidence that he would get my case dismissed. He did just that! With a few hours of community service offered by the Court, my case was dismissed and I was finally at ease. Mr. Cody did a fabulous job and I am forever grateful. I most certainly recommend!


Actually, Lyndon was the second lawyer I called. The first lawyer I called — I was trying to explain my case over the phone — and the paralegal pretty much told me I didn’t have a case. So, I waited a few more months, and I didn’t know what to do. I called Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC‘s office and spoke to his, I’m assuming his secretary, and she listened to my case … and she just made me feel like she believed me. And I came here and presented the case to Lyndon, and, man he took my case. He believed in me.

Because it was just something I was just not making up. It would just be so much simpler if I said, “Hey, I got hurt at home.” I’ll go to my doctor and get fixed. But I waited almost two years to get this surgery.

And just as soon as I came in, Lyndon listened to me, and just told me how the law worked, and just believed in me. The pain — as soon as I had the surgery — it went away. I don’t have the numbness in my fingers … getting strength back again.

“Would you have been able to get that surgery without Lyndon?”

No, of course not. I don’t think so. I think the thing that impressed me most about Lyndon is the fact he believed in me. I mean, I went almost two years of not having anybody to believe in me about what I was saying. And many co-workers at work, they would say, “Todd, I don’t know how you can work like this and not scream at personnel.” I just kept telling them I can’t do that. It’s just not in my character to use profanity and scream at people. I just got fed up enough one day and said I was going to get an attorney. And I did. And very happy that I got Lyndon to help me.


Mr. Cody became my court appointed attorney during my first-degree murder case, which was very scary and nerve-racking for a case of that nature. With all the misconceptions about court appointed lawyers, I was very skeptical and truthfully very depressed at the thought of having to fight a case with a court appointed attorney. Mr. Cody, however, was the complete opposite of all my misconceptions. He assured me that he believed in me and would fight my case as if I had personally walked into his office and hired him. He was very attentive and always available to provide answers to any questions or concerns I had. He made time to come visit and provide consistent updates while I awaited my bond hearing. He even handled two other cases of mine. He fought hard on my behalf and I could not thank him enough. My case was eventually dismissed because of Mr. Cody. When I became discouraged and convinced that all hope was lost, he consistently reassured me that everything would be all right and it was. I don’t know many other lawyers that would go above and beyond to help out a complete stranger the way Mr. Cody did. I would recommend his services to anyone. Especially if you need a lawyer who fights for you because he cares, not just because it’s his job. I now have two sons, a business and an accounting degree and I know none of that would be possible without Mr. Cody. I owe him everything and could never begin to thank him enough.


Blair Cody and his team are absolutely the people you want on your side if you are in any sort of legal troubles. They will fight for you and you the best possible outcome. I thought there was no way my DUI case would result in anything but a conviction. Bit they got my charges dropped and reduced down to basically nothing! I could not believe it. Now I can finally rest easy and get back to my life.


Blair has handled many legal matters for me over the years and has always achieved the outcome I was looking for. Blair has always been very knowledgeable and passionate about his work and always strived to do the best, handling my legal matters from child custody, termination of parental rights, and various others. I highly recommend Blair to anyone who needs sound legal advice, and making the impossible, possible.


My experience with the staff of Blair Cody was amazing. Everyone was so nice and helpful. Crystal always answered my calls. If she was unavailable, she would call me back when she was available.

Blair Cody is a wonderful lawyer. He is caring, compassionate, and great with his job. He made sure I understood everything. He kept me informed of what was going on as it happened. I’m so grateful to Blair Cody and Crystal. I would and do recommend Blair Cody to anyone. If I ever need a lawyer again, I will call Blair Cody. Blair, Crystal, and the rest of the staff thank you for being so kind and helpful.