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Personal Injury FAQ

How much is my personal injury case worth?

Your case is worth either what we negotiate with the insurance company or the amount awarded by a judge and/or jury after trial.

We will examine all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your case in order to arrive at a figure that fairly compensates you. The amount depends on the type and severity of your injuries. It also includes the type of treatment you received (surgery vs. no surgery), the amount of medical bills, length of treatment, frequency of treatment, any “gap” in treatment and the possibility of future medical bills as well as any lasting and permanent disability and injury.

Every case is different. There is no formula. Our goal is to get you the best result possible.

Should I trust the insurance adjuster?

Insurance companies take advantage of the emotional, physical and financial turmoil following an injury. The bottom line is the insurance adjuster’s job is to help the insurance company increase its profits. He or she will do so at your expense, unfortunately. It is as simple as that.

Do I have to sign a release allowing the insurance company to get my medical records?

In most cases, you absolutely should not do this. The release will be very broad. Insurance companies will attempt to get records other than those related directly to your injury. It isn’t any of their business whether you received marriage counseling in the past or the last time you needed to see a gynecologist or urologist. You probably don’t have to give them that information.

Will we have to go to court?

If the insurance company agrees to pay what is fair, then your case will not go to court. Our goal is to get you justice as soon as possible. That can usually be achieved quicker through aggressive negotiations than through lengthy litigation and trial. However, every case we take in, we assume we will go to trial and we begin preparing them in that fashion. A wise man said that “it is best to always be prepared,” and we do just that.

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