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A Rehabilitation Nurse May Not Have Your Best Interests In Mind

After you suffer a serious injury on the job, you may be contacted by a person called a “rehabilitation nurse.” Typically hired by insurance companies, rehab nurses are there to watch over your medical treatment and then report back to the insurance company on your progress.

Even though they hold the title of a nurse, they do not necessarily dress in typical hospital scrubs. Because they oftentimes dress in plain clothes, you may not even realize you’re talking with a rehab nurse.

While a rehab nurse can be incredibly helpful during the rehabilitation process by helping you schedule surgeries or get prescriptions filled, they don’t always have your best interests in mind. In a lot of cases, rehab nurses will restrict the medical treatment a patient receives, sometimes even pushing doctors to release a patient before they are ready. A lot of times, this ends up reducing the amount an individual receives in workers’ compensation benefits and needed medical treatment.

Your Rights And How We Help You Protect Them

As soon as you are contacted by a rehab nurse, it’s a good idea to then get in touch with the skilled injury attorneys at Law Office of Lyndon R. Helton, PLLC, so that you can start protecting your rights immediately. During your initial consultation with us, we will explain what you should and should not say to a rehab nurse as well as the risk of having a rehab nurse present when you see a doctor regarding your injury.

You have the right to:

Medical treatment without the interference of any third party, including a rehab nurse. A rehab nurse is sometimes not your friend during your recovery. In many cases, their job is to obtain information about you that can later be used against your interests.

Object to them being present during your medical examinations or when you are being treated by a doctor. We are concerned about helping you recover fully from your injury, and we always have your best interests at heart. If you believe that the rehab nurse assigned to you has the same motives, we will urge you to cooperate with them. The rehab nurse can then provide us with detailed reports on your progress and alert us to any issues that develop.

Your Recovery Is Our Top Concern

At Law Office of Lyndon R. Helton, PLLC, we want you to return to work that is safe and appropriate for you as possible following an accident and injury. We will help you achieve this by working with you, your doctor and the rehab nurse assigned to your case. We will make sure you receive the treatment you need to recover fully.

If your injuries are too severe and you are unable to return to any gainful employment, we can help you seek full benefits under the law, including Social Security Disability Insurance if your injury leaves you permanently disabled.

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