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Do’s And Don’ts After An Injury

Most accidents happen so quickly you don’t have time to think rationally about all of the steps you need to take in order to recover damages and move on with your life. It’s because of this fact that we have made this short list of do’s and don’ts that you can use for reference after a car accident or other situations involving serious personal injury.


  • Take photographs of the vehicles, dog or other evidence and of your injuries.
  • Preserve any evidence.
  • Report the accident to your insurance company.
  • Make sure the police are called to the accident scene before anyone leaves.
  • Tell your doctor of your injuries.
  • Make sure your doctor writes down what you tell him or her. (The insurance company will never believe your injuries unless they appear in your medical records.)


  • Don’t discuss fault after an accident. (Fault is a complicated legal question. Just tell the police officer what happened.)
  • Don’t deny you are injured, unless you are certain. (If you tell the police officer you are not injured, it will show up that way on the accident report. You may only feel your injuries after the shock of the wreck wears off.)
  • Do not give a statement to the other person’s insurance company.

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