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How Workers’ Compensation Hearings Work in North Carolina

If settling your workers’ compensation case is not possible, it will be necessary to go to a hearing. A hearing is the term for a trial, and it is used in workers’ compensation claims.

During a hearing, you will be considered the most important witness to your accident, which is why you will be required to testify. You may need to testify about the injury itself, the medical consequences, as well as the injury’s effect on your ability to work and do other major life activities. An insurance adjuster may also request a recorded statement from you, which you have the right to prepare for before giving it.

After the hearing the lawyers will go to the doctor’s office and record their testimony in front of a court reporter. The questions posed to physicians must meet technical legal requirements to be valid and to be accepted as evidence in deciding your case. After all of the depositions of the physicians are completed, each attorney will then write a brief urging the judge to decide the issues in the favor of their respective clients.

How Law Office of Lyndon R. Helton, PLLC, Can Help

At our firm, we have more than 20 years of experience preparing workers’ compensation claims for hearings before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. We always make sure our clients know about a hearing before it happens and that they are thoroughly prepared for the experience.

To prepare you for your hearing, we will review your claim, discussing the key issues and explaining what you can expect while you are on the witness stand. We will then go over your testimony, making sure you are fully prepared for this important part of your case.

If you know of any witnesses who saw the accident or are familiar with your medical problems, we may also call on them to testify on your behalf. We will make sure they are as prepared as you are. In some cases, we may need to subpoena them to testify.

Obtain Our Services

If you’re interested in obtaining representation before going into a workers’ compensation hearing, contact our law firm and speak to one of our experienced attorneys. Initial consultations with our lawyers are always free and can be scheduled through our online form or by calling our office in Hickory at 828-328-9966 or 888-321-0494 (toll free).

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