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How should retirement be split in a divorce?

When older couples decide to get a divorce, they may assume that the process will be a bit easier. After all, any children they had are likely grown,…

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Even minor traffic violations can affect your future

A traffic ticket may seem like no big deal, especially when you compare it to other serious offenses like robbery and murder. In fact, many people simply accept…

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Man crushed in machinery during workplace accident

One North Carolina family is forever changed after an industrial worker lost his life due to being trapped in machinery. A workplace accident like this one can both…

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Fatal car accident in no-passing zone under investigation

People often get comfortable driving in places that are familiar to them. The danger there is that their comfort can lead to them making errors in judgment, sometimes…

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ALS patients have hope for faster disability pay

The news that you have a progressive disease for which there is no cure can be devastating. You may have a limited amount of time to accomplish your…

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