Fatal car accident in no-passing zone under investigation

Fatal car accident in no-passing zone under investigation

Feb 03, 2021 | Personal Injury

People often get comfortable driving in places that are familiar to them. The danger there is that their comfort can lead to them making errors in judgment, sometimes with catastrophic results. This could be what happened in a recent head-on motor vehicle collision that left one person dead. North Carolina troopers are still investigating the matter, but one family’s life has likely changed forever due to this car accident.

Police say that the crash happened on a state highway on a recent weekday morning. A passenger truck was driving eastbound behind a school bus. Authorities claim that the truck tried to pass the bus, despite the area being a no-passing zone. The truck allegedly hit a passenger vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

Though first responders rushed to the scene, the driver of the passenger vehicle died before he could be taken for treatment. A passenger in the same vehicle was injured and taken to a nearby hospital but is expected to survive as the injuries were not life-threatening. The driver of the truck suffered serious injuries and was rushed to a local hospital, though that person’s current condition is unknown. Police have not disclosed whether there were any additional factors in this crash, such as intoxicated driving or speeding. They say their investigation is not yet complete but that charges are pending, presumably against the truck driver.

No matter what the outcome of any criminal charges may be, the family of the man who died in this car accident may have other means of seeking justice. They could choose to file a wrongful death claim against the truck driver or any other parties deemed responsible. A similar option may be available for other North Carolina families who have lost loved ones this way. An attorney with personal injury law knowledge can help grieving families understand their rights.