Man crushed in machinery during workplace accident

Man crushed in machinery during workplace accident

Feb 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

One North Carolina family is forever changed after an industrial worker lost his life due to being trapped in machinery. A workplace accident like this one can both emotionally and financially devastate a family as they deal with the fallout. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration will work to determine exactly what occurred and whether it could have been prevented, and the man’s family says they hope this tragedy will not happen to anyone else.

Investigators looking for answers

According to officials, the incident happened on a recent workday at a manufacturing plant that produces products such as bubble wrap and foam. A worker was reportedly threading a machine when he was pulled into it. Officials say that the man suffered injuries to his torso and was trapped in the machine for 45 minutes before being freed.

Though he was airlifted to a nearby hospital, he died after being in a coma for over a week. Reports say that his brain was deprived of oxygen for at least 10 minutes, causing severe brain damage. His family is now demanding answers, saying there should have been an emergency solution to release him from the machine. OSHA is also investigating the incident and if it finds that the plant violated any safety standards, the company may have to pay a significant fine. The company has not publicly commented on what happened.

Workers’ compensation may help a struggling family

The wife of the employee likely has the option of filing for workers’ compensation survivors’ benefits. These are usually extended to the surviving family after a workplace accident that results in the death of a worker. A North Carolina attorney with knowledge of this legal issue can walk those with questions through the process. Doing so may be worthwhile as it may offer financial relief to those eligible at a time that they may need it most.