Some safety hazards for drivers may be unique to summertime

Some safety hazards for drivers may be unique to summertime

May 30, 2022 | Personal Injury

While the idea of being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a harrowing concept, a collision can occur at any moment and under a multitude of scenarios. It might come as no surprise that issues such as distraction and reckless driving behaviors continue to play contributing factors in many collisions.

Besides the usual suspects, you might not be aware of how the turn of a season could affect your safety. Studies state that summer can be one of the most dangerous times for drivers, and part of preparing to stay safe while driving during summer months could involve knowing some of the hazards to watch out.

Summertime driving hazards

There may be various issues that make summertime a dangerous season for drivers, and some examples of things to look out for while navigating North Carolina roads during this season may include:

  • Pedestrians and wildlife: Summer months may bring increases to pedestrian and wildlife traffic, and while the former may be more likely to dart out in your path, the same may be true of those who fail to pay attention to the task at hand while walking.
  • Cyclists and bikers: Bicycle and motorcycle traffic may also increase in summer months, and even if you take steps to protect the safety of these parties, can you always expect to receive the same treatment in return?
  • Inexperienced drivers: Summer is also a season when many younger drivers spend time on the open road, and the lack of experience among these drivers could present with various safety concerns.
  • Summertime DUI: Impaired driving continues to be more prevalent in summer months and facing the possibility of encountering such negligence can be a frightening prospect.

Studies suggest that you may be more likely to encounter distracted drivers during summer months, as those thinking about vacations or traveling with a car full of kids may have other things on their minds.

Summertime collisions

Although knowing some summertime driving hazards may prove helpful, you can only control so much of what happens on the open road. Should the negligent decisions of another party cause a major crash to occur, you might have to put your plans for summer on hold, as the incident could leave you with severe injuries and facing a lengthy recovery period. The high cost of medical care is just one example of a way that such an incident could also place you under significant financial strain.