Workers’ compensation: Employee dies in conveyor line accident

Workers’ compensation: Employee dies in conveyor line accident

Aug 27, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Most people don’t think that doing their job could result in their death. However, that is the reality for many people right here in North Carolina. The risk significantly increases when a company fails to implement proper safety protocols. Authorities say this is precisely what occurred at a plant out of state, after a worker lost his life in an accident involving a conveyor line. His family likely pursued the option of filing for workers’ compensation benefits.

Records show that the fatal accident happened to an employee working a late-night shift at food processing plant. Authorities say that the worker was underneath a conveyor belt, attempting to clean it. His clothing got caught in the machine, pulling him into it and resulting in fatal injuries. He apparently received medical treatment very quickly, but ended up dying at the plant.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently published its report outlining its investigation. It cited the plant with three safety violations and has issued a fine over $40,000. The plant requested an informal conference with OSHA representatives, which it has the right to do. The company has the option of contesting the fines or paying them. OSHA gave the company a limited amount of time to correct the violations.

Workers shouldn’t have to fear doing their job, but a company that flouts safety protocols may put them in that exact position. Injured workers or the families of those who die on the job may decide to file for workers’ compensation benefits, though many don’t realize the option is available to them. Those here in North Carolina who want to pursue the possibility may want to talk with an attorney who has the knowledge of exactly how these benefits work.