Some driver distractions that are overlooked by many

Some driver distractions that are overlooked by many

May 03, 2021 | Personal Injury

Each year, thousands of lives in North Carolina and across the country are cut short due to distracted driving. The number of car accidents caused by texting or other mobile phone use while driving is high. Therefore, just mentioning distracted driving conjures up images of drivers busy with their cellphones. However, many other things distract drivers every day, some of which are often not recognized as distractions.

Rocking a favorite song at full blast

Regardless of a driver’s music choice while driving, research shows that the volume could make it a distraction. In a study of 85 teenage drivers, researchers determined that the drivers who had their favorite music blasting made multiple miscalculations and errors. However, the teens who chose easy listening music like light jazz or soft rock made 20% fewer errors while driving.

Excessive emotions

Distress, anger, sadness or any emotional turmoil in a driver could be distracting. After a study of 1,600 auto accidents that happened over the course of three years, the analysis indicated that drivers who appeared visibly agitated, angry or sad were 10 times more at risk of being involved in accidents.

Avoiding rest stops to empty your bladder

Anyone who takes a long trip without making frequent stops is risking their life. A 2011 hospital study showed that drivers who avoid rest stops and continue driving on a full bladder are creating a distraction that could have tragic consequences. Their focus and judgment could be compared to drivers with a blood-alcohol content of .05%.

Anyone in North Carolina who is the victim of a car accident caused by a distracted driver might have a viable claim to file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court. However, proving negligence might be complicated. Mobile phones can be checked for activity at the time of the crash to prove the driver was distracted. However, the distractions mentioned here often require the assistance of a personal injury attorney to help formally establish negligence.