Safety tips for driving through a construction zone

Safety tips for driving through a construction zone

Mar 09, 2021 | Personal Injury

As the weather begins to soften and winter gives way to spring, North Carolina drivers will certainly notice more work zones on the city streets, county roads and highways that crisscross the state. Construction work zones can include both repairs to damage and new builds. Whatever the case may be, traffic patterns will almost always be impacted.

Here are some tips that drivers can follow to help reduce motor vehicle accidents in construction zones:

  • Avoid distractions: Distracted driving seems to be the problem that simply won’t go away. Whether drivers are focused on a phone conversation, personal grooming, manipulating a navigation system or dining while behind the wheel, these activities can remove focus from the road. It is crucial that drivers focus only on their primary activity while in a road work zone.
  • Follow posted warning signs: These signs can include speed limits, lane closures, merges or construction vehicle entry. All warnings must be heeded in a construction work zone including traffic shifts and the presence of flag personnel.
  • Increase follow-distance: Like driving in bad weather, when moving through a construction zone, it is important to increase your follow distance to account for sudden stops and lane changes. The more stopping distance you have between you and the lead car, the more reaction time you’ve given yourself to stay safe.

Depending on countless factors, a motor vehicle collision can result in severe injuries. Drivers and vehicle occupants can suffer broken bones, head trauma, soft tissue damage, spinal cord damage and paralysis. It is important to discuss your accident and injuries with an experienced lawyer who can provide answers and guidance through the legal process.