Motorcyclist dies after detached trailer causes car accident

Motorcyclist dies after detached trailer causes car accident

Nov 06, 2020 | Personal Injury

People who follow the rules of the road generally assume that their good driving behavior will prevent any traffic collisions. They are generally correct in that assumption, but there are still ways that drivers may show neglect that they haven’t considered. One of the more common examples of this happens when people fail to secure something attached to their vehicle, which then becomes disengaged and poses a danger to others on the road. One recent car accident here in North Carolina that took the life of a motorcycle rider happened after a car lost its trailer and police are still attempting to determine exactly what occurred.

Authorities say that the collision took place at a local intersection on a recent early afternoon. A 37-year-old motorcycle rider was headed north on a roadway when police say he encountered a vehicle pulling a trailer going in the opposite direction. Police say that somehow the trailer detached from the vehicle. It seems that the trailer went into the oncoming lane where it struck the motorcyclist head-on.

Officers say that the motorcyclist died at the scene of the crash. They had to close the roadway for a couple of hours to conduct an investigation, which they say has not concluded. There is no word on the condition of the driver of the vehicle that was allegedly pulling the trailer. Police also have not announced whether they intend to file criminal charges.

Though it is possible that the person who owns the trailer may not have committed a criminal offense, there would appear to be reason to believe that he or she behaved negligently. That person may have failed to properly attach the trailer to the vehicle, ultimately causing a car accident and the death of the motorcyclist. The victim’s family may want to pursue a wrongful death civil claim as a means of pursuing recovery of monetary damages and holding responsible parties accountable. A North Carolina motorcycle accident attorney can help any family who wants to take this type of action.