Fatal car accident under investigation, charges uncertain

Fatal car accident under investigation, charges uncertain

Sep 11, 2020 | Personal Injury

When a car crash results in more questions than answers, it can be doubly devastating to a grieving family. A recent collision here in North Carolina is still being investigated by police who have not yet charged anyone with a criminal offense. A woman died and others were injured in a multi-vehicle car accident and the only thing that seems clear is how the incident has likely changed several lives forever.

Police say the crash happened near an off-ramp for Interstate 85 on a recent morning. They report that an SUV and a sedan sat on the off-ramp in the right-most lane, waiting for a traffic light to change. When the light changed, both vehicles are said to have turned right onto the local street. Another sedan is said to have struck the SUV, causing it to flip over. A woman in the vehicle was rushed to a hospital for treatment of her injuries, but died soon after her arrival.

Three other people suffered injuries, though it is not known which cars those people were traveling in. Police are still attempting to determine what happened. They have not publicly speculated about any potential contributing factors either, such as intoxicated, reckless or distracted driving.

Even if police end up not filing any criminal charges, the family of the woman who died, or the surviving injured victims may decide to file another type of legal claim. They could decide to file a wrongful death or personal injury claim against any parties deemed responsible for the car accident. If such a claim were successfully litigated, it could result in monetary damages that may be useful in covering outstanding medical bills, funeral costs or other related expenses. An attorney who focuses in this area of the law can help those here in North Carolina who are in a similar situation.