Fatal car accident involves 5 different vehicles

Fatal car accident involves 5 different vehicles

Apr 06, 2020 | Personal Injury

With warmer weather approaching, many people say that the risks associated with wintertime driving are over. Though that is true, it doesn’t mean that motorists can let their guards down. Just because drivers in North Carolina probably don’t run the risk of sliding on ice and snow, they still need to exercise caution on the roadways, as numerous hazards can put them at risk. One recent, early-morning, fatal crash involving five different vehicles has likely left many people wondering what hazards could have contributed to the car accident.

Authorities say that the event happened very early in the morning on a state highway. One vehicle was allegedly involved in a single-car crash for reasons that have not been disclosed. Police report that the vehicle blocked several lanes of traffic and did not have its lights on. A tow truck apparently attempted to drive around the stopped car, but struck it and subsequently hit another vehicle, a pickup truck, that was also trying to maneuver around the car. A fourth car was then allegedly struck by a gas tanker truck after that car ran into the first car.

The driver of the fourth car died as a result of the accident. Police decided to press charges against the driver of the first car, citing the person with misdemeanor death and a lane violation. They have not announced any plans to file further charges and have not said whether their investigation is complete. Police have stated that they do not believe that alcohol was a contributing factor.

Even if the driver of the first car avoids a conviction regarding the criminal charges, the family of the driver who died could decide to file a wrongful death claim in connection with the car accident. If such a claim is successfully-litigated in civil court, the result could be monetary damages that may assist the family in covering any expenses associated with the crash. A personal injury attorney here in North Carolina can help anyone in a similar situation determine the best course of action.