Couple fears neighborhood car accidents due to speeding

Couple fears neighborhood car accidents due to speeding

Jun 15, 2020 | Personal Injury

Most drivers understand that speeding can increase their risk of being in a car crash. However, driving faster than posted speed limits is still a very common infraction. Though the reasons for doing so vary, the consequences remain the same for those unfortunate enough to get into car accidents with speeding drivers. One North Carolina couple worries that their neighborhood seems to encourage speeding and they say they are afraid someone may be seriously hurt before any action is taken to stop this type of aggressive driving.

The couple says that a recent car crash happened when a driver allegedly lost control after swerving to miss an animal in the road. Authorities claim the driver was traveling 75 mph in a zone that is marked only 35. The couple reports that at least three crashes have happened in the last four years, causing significant property damage, and they fear that they or one of their neighbors could be killed in future incidents.

Residents in the area have asked for solutions including speed bumps and increased patrolling by law enforcement. They were told they would have to pay for speed bumps themselves, which they say they cannot afford. They were also told that patrolling is based on traffic volume, so it is unclear whether patrols in the area could be increased.

Very few people would argue that excessive speeding is a safe driving tactic, but it still happens all too often. Drivers who speed are not only more likely to cause car accidents, but those accidents will often result in more serious injuries or even fatalities when they do occur. Anyone here in North Carolina who has been hurt in a crash with a careless driver may want to speak with an attorney about the possibility of filing a personal injury claim. It may be the most effective way to hold a responsible party accountable.