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Should you go to trial or settle your divorce?

Most people who decide to end their marriage have the same thought – “I want this to be over as soon as possible.” While divorcing spouses understandably want…

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How should retirement be split in a divorce?

When older couples decide to get a divorce, they may assume that the process will be a bit easier. After all, any children they had are likely grown,…

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Changes in income may reflect in child support payments

Many parents understand that if they are not married to their child’s other parent, they may still be responsible for financial support. Paying child support may seem straightforward,…

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How divorce impacts Social Security

After a divorce, people may think that they have no right to access Social Security spousal benefits through their ex-spouse. However, that assumption may not be accurate. It…

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What you can expect when ordered to pay child support

When parents break up, one of the most devastating changes is the amount of time they get to spend with their children. The courts may like to divide…

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How experts can protect personal finances in a divorce

It is no secret that divorce can have an impact on a person’s finances. When two spouses divide assets between them, it can greatly change the financial picture…

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