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Beach ball apparently causes multiple-motorcycle accident

Most North Carolinians know that riding a motorcycle is riskier than driving a car. But even though they understand that motorcycles offer less protection when compared to cars, people still choose to ride them every day. Riders can avail themselves of some safety items such as helmets to prevent serious head injuries and protective clothing that has a better chance of surviving high-speed contact with the road.

Deputy pulled from burning patrol car after truck collision

The nation would largely grind to a halt without trucks to transport goods and make daily deliveries of the products we all use. This is why trucks are a mainstay on North Carolina's roads and highways. But with the benefit of truck transportation comes the dangers of these large vehicles. Because of the added risks, professional truck drivers must undergo training before they can begin driving. One wrong move and a driver can cause a devastating accident.

Treating animal bites quickly can prevent medical problems later

Like many Americans across the country, lots of Virginia residents keep pets. Dogs and cats are the most common and generally behave appropriately around other people. Sometimes, however, pets are not effectively restrained around visitors and can attack without warning. Bites and other wounds are common with people and other animals in such circumstances.

Animal bites are among the biggest everyday public health concerns in the United States. Dog bites rank first among animal bites, followed by those from cats and rodents. Animal bites can cause minor or major injuries, including crush injuries and deep puncture wounds. Children often suffer the worst dog bites because they are smaller and relatively close to an animal's size and weight. Neck and head injuries are common with children. Dogs more commonly bite adults on their legs and arms.

Auto accident involving a car and a truck injures two people

Car accidents are common on roads and highways in North Carolina and across the United States. The outcome of a car collision can be devastating, especially to those who are involved. It can result from minor to serious injuries that can cause temporary or permanent disability, and even death.

One auto accident involving a tractor-trailer and a car injured two people in Davie County, North Carolina, just north of Charlotte. According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the driver of the tractor-trailer lost control of the truck, struck the car and pushed the latter into the guardrail on Interstate 40 near Highway 801. The truck then left the road before resting on an embankment. The woman who was driving the car, and her passenger, were both transported to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Miscalculation of distance results in fatal truck accident

Of all the traffic accidents that occur in North Carolina, truck accidents are among the worst. The sheer size of trucks - 18-wheelers, tankers, box trucks and tractor-trailers - makes these huge vehicles capable of injuring and killing people and devastating property whenever they are involved in accidents. Every driver of a passenger car or truck is advised to drive defensively whenever trucks are around.

A recent truck accident that occurred on U.S. 52 is an example of why drivers should be cautious. According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, two people died on a motorcycle because of a truck driver's error in judgment. The NCHP report alleges that a 41-year-old Surry County man driving a petroleum tanker miscalculated the distance between his vehicle and the motorcycle and pulled into the bike's path; the motorcycle struck the rear of the truck.

Motorcycle accident leaves one woman dead

Most North Carolina motorcyclists are well aware that riding a bike can be risky. Despite the precautions they take, though, often car and truck drivers fail to notice motorcycles and to appreciate just how vulnerable riders can be to an accident.

A recent crash in neighboring South Carolina left a 50-year-old female motorcyclist dead after her bike hit a school bus carrying special-needs students. The victim was on her way to work as a nuclear technician at around 6:45 a.m. when the bus, traveling in the opposite direction, appears to have made a left turn in front of her. Unable to stop in time, the motorcyclist collided with the bus.

On-the-job injuries top concern of U.S. small-business owners

Small businesses in North Carolina that employ local residents often rely on personal relationships with their workers to operate effectively. Even if their operations are not as complicated as those of bigger businesses, their employees are the core of their operations, which is why employers are often keen to make sure their employees are not at risk of work-related injuries.

According to research by insurance specialist Employer, minimizing safety risks in the workplace and ensuring the safety of workers are the top concerns of 35 percent of small business owners. Workplace safety ranks higher than professional liability and cybersecurity. According to the CEO of Employer, small-businesses owners are also concerned about work injuries because of high workers' compensation costs, lost productivity and lower employee morale.

Animal bites: study finds cat bites can be worse than dog bites

Most people, including North Carolinians, assume that cat bites are no more serious than dog bites. However, a new study is showing something different. Mayo Clinic researchers recently revealed that cat bites may be more serious than previously thought.

The research released by the clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, involved 200 people bitten on the hand by cats from 2009 to 2011. Of those studied, about 50% visited an emergency room, and the remainder went to primary care physicians. The average wait time between getting bitten and seeking treatment was 27 hours.

Police officer hurt in a car crash in Charlotte

An allegedly intoxicated 51-year-old man who hit a police car left one officer with minor injuries in Charlotte. The accident occurred while the officer was in the patrol car assisting a struck tractor-trailer, which was blocking the right lane.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say the driver did not yield to the officer's flashing emergency lights and collided with his vehicle. Both the officer and the car driver sustained minor injuries. The officer was taken to a local hospital. Several lanes were closed as police investigated. The car driver is facing multiple charges, including failure to comply with driver's license restrictions, drunken driving and serious injury by a vehicle. He also was taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Charges filed against driver in fatal car accident

Eight months after the life of an East Carolina University student was cut short, the driver of the pickup truck that struck her vehicle is facing a charge of misdemeanor death. The woman was an accounting major at ECU's College of Business and was only four days into her summer classes when the accident occurred.

The accident happened on May 20, 2013, when the 17-year-old male driver lost control of his pickup on a rainy afternoon, drifted across the median and struck the 20-year-old woman's oncoming vehicle. The left side of the victim's car sustained extensive damage. Debris from the accident was strewn over five lanes of the road.

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