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North Carolina police officers issue hundreds of speeding tickets and tickets for other traffic violations every day. Failure to navigate an intersection correctly, running a stop sign, or performing an illegal turn could all catch the attention of a nearby police officer and result in ticketing. If you recently received a speeding ticket or traffic violation ticket from a Morganton police officer, it’s essential to know your options for resolving the issue.

Many drivers mistakenly assume they can just pay the fine for their ticket and solve the problem, not realizing the long-term implications of this decision until much later. Paying a ticket fine in North Carolina is the legal equivalent of admitting guilt for the violation in question. While most traffic violations aren’t prosecuted as serious crimes, they do qualify as violations of North Carolina law and can influence the driver’s life in various ways.

Law Office of Lyndon R. Helton, PLLC can provide the professional legal guidance you need to better understand your options for fighting a traffic ticket in Morganton, NC. Traffic court may not be as daunting as a criminal trial, but it is still crucial to prepare accordingly if you intend to fight your ticket to avoid the various penalties it may carry.

Morganton Traffic Violation Lawyer

Benefits Of Hiring a Morganton Traffic Violation Attorney

While it’s technically possible to contest a traffic ticket on your own, having an experienced Morganton traffic violation attorney assist you will streamline your case substantially. First, they can review the circumstances of the traffic stop that led to your ticket, ensuring the police officer who issued the ticket in question followed all appropriate procedures in doing so. It’s possible to have a traffic ticket dismissed relatively quickly if it’s revealed the police did not follow proper procedures in handling the traffic stop and/or in issuing the ticket.

Having an attorney assist you in fighting your ticket can potentially mean the difference between facing the penalty for your ticket and avoiding it completely. The average person may not know what evidence they will need to prove they did not commit a claimed traffic violation. Many people who receive speeding and other traffic tickets are not aware they have the right to contest them. Working with an experienced Morganton traffic violation attorney is the best way to determine how you should approach your recent ticket.

Your legal team can help you prepare for your hearing in traffic court. You may face the police officer who issued your ticket, and they will present their argument and explain how they assessed your violation and their recollection of the issuing of the ticket in question. Depending on the nature of your alleged traffic violation, you could face other complex variables in traffic court. Ultimately, these cases vary on an individual basis, so it’s best to find legal counsel prepared to address the unique details of your case.

Potential Consequences of A Traffic Ticket In North Carolina

When you pay the fine for a traffic ticket, you are admitting responsibility for the offense listed on the ticket. At first, it may seem like the fine is the only real penalty for your traffic violation. However, North Carolina drivers can accrue demerit points on their license for speeding and other traffic violations. The more severe the offense, the more points they accrue. Accumulated points expire after a few years, but accruing too many too quickly can lead to severe consequences, including mandatory remedial driver school, driver’s license suspension, and more.

When you admit guilt for a traffic offense, you may also negatively impact your auto insurance coverage. If your insurer sees that you committed any serious traffic offense, they could increase your premium rate based on the terms of your policy. When you account for the long-term penalties you face, your ticket will likely cost you much more than the listed fine.

Mandatory driver safety courses, auto insurance premium increases, and termination of employment due to the loss of your driver’s license are just some of the financial penalties that add to the expenses of a traffic ticket or violation. As far as long-term effects, it will be very difficult to have an auto insurance premium reduced after it has been increased in response to a recent traffic violation. This can add up very quickly over time.

How To Fight Your Traffic Ticket in Morganton

Once you receive a traffic violation ticket from a North Carolina police officer, inspect the ticket to find the instructions for paying your fine or contesting your ticket. You will need to request a traffic court hearing if you want to fight the ticket, and it’s best to secure legal counsel before taking any formal steps toward contesting your ticket in Morganton. Your attorney can help you determine the best strategies for contesting the ticket, whether this includes proving the officer failed to assess your alleged violation correctly or that you simply did not commit the traffic offense in question.

If the officer who issued your ticket appears in traffic court, they will explain how they assessed that you were speeding or how they observed you violate a North Carolina traffic law. Your Morganton traffic violation attorney may help you by disproving the method the officer used to ascertain your traffic violation. This is just one example of how having legal counsel you can trust is an invaluable asset when faced with a complex traffic violation case in Morganton, NC.

morganton traffic violation attorney

What To Expect in Morganton, NC Traffic Court

While a traffic offense is technically a type of criminal offense, most traffic violations are not considered crimes as long as they do not result in harm to anyone else or significant property damage. However, it is very likely that any driver who causes a negligent accident will face civil suits as well as criminal penalties, depending on the severity of their actions.

Traffic court does not unfold with a jury, only a judge. When you appear in traffic court, it will likely be you and your attorney and the officer who issued your ticket, both with the opportunity to offer evidence and testimony.

Some traffic court cases are relatively straightforward, while others may involve complex physics and engineering, evidence, and recollections from witnesses involved. When you have Law Office of Lyndon R. Helton, PLLC representing you in traffic court, we will carefully determine the best approach to defending you. We’ll help you prepare for your hearing, and even if you cannot entirely avoid the penalties for your ticket, we may still be able to reduce them substantially.

Any driver who has recently received any kind of traffic ticket in the Morganton, NC area must know their rights and legal options when it comes to contesting a ticket and avoiding the associated penalties. Our team has years of experience representing clients in North Carolina traffic violation cases. We know how police officers in North Carolina are supposed to issue traffic tickets and how to cite procedural problems when they happen. The sooner you connect with an attorney you can trust, the better your chances are of avoiding substantial penalties for a traffic ticket in Morganton.

Morganton Traffic Violation Lawyer FAQs

Q: How Do I Fight a Speeding Ticket in North Carolina?

A: The ticket issued to you by the police officer will include instructions for contesting your ticket. You must request a hearing with the traffic court and make your case before a judge. You have a limited time in which to file your contest, and if you fail to pay your ticket fine by the due date, you could face harsher penalties.

Q: How Soon Should I Contact a Morganton Traffic Violation Attorney After a Ticket?

A: It’s best to connect with a Morganton traffic violation attorney as soon as possible after you receive any kind of traffic ticket. The sooner you secure legal counsel, the more time your attorney’s team has to prepare a defense on your behalf. Additionally, you only have a limited time to contest your ticket, so it is always best to find legal counsel as soon as you can after receiving any kind of traffic ticket in North Carolina.

Q: How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Morganton Traffic Violation Attorney?

A: Attorneys can use various methods to bill their clients. It’s important to verify a potential attorney’s billing policy before you agree to their representation. Some attorneys offer flat rates for very narrowly defined legal services, while others charge by the hour. The more effort a case requires, the more it is likely to cost the client.

Q: How Long Does a Traffic Court Case Take to Resolve in North Carolina?

A: Some traffic violation hearings may only take a single courtroom session to resolve. For example, if the officer who issued your ticket does not appear for your hearing and you and your attorney make a compelling case against the ticket, the judge may see few options aside from revoking your ticket.

Any traffic ticket can potentially carry more complicated consequences than you are prepared to handle alone. The best way to handle contesting any traffic ticket in North Carolina is with the help of an attorney. If you need assistance preparing for traffic court, contact Law Office of Lyndon R. Helton, PLLC today to schedule your consultation with a Morganton traffic violation attorney you can trust with your case.

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