The Governor has declared our Law Office to be an essential business. We remain open to help our clients with matters involving Divorce, Domestic Violence, Criminal Defense, Work Injuries, Car Wrecks, Social Security Disability and Wills and Estates. We can see you in our office with safe Social Distancing practices or we can do a consultation over the telephone or by video.

Treating You Right

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A Criminal Defense Team Willing To Fight For You

When you face criminal charges, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your constitutional rights. The criminal justice system can be confusing and intimidating, with a unique set of rules and language of its own. Without proper counsel, you can quickly find yourself in over your head with prosecutors.

You want an attorney who knows the law and the system, who has protected the rights of others in situations like yours.

Attorney Chris A. Cordes is a criminal defense lawyer at Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC. He has dedicated his entire career, more than 20 years, to criminal law. Before joining the firm, he served as a public defender for nearly 14 years and as a prosecutor for almost four years. He has considerable experience on both sides of criminal prosecution and knows the strategies and tactics the state’s attorneys will use to try to get a conviction.

Criminal Cases We Handle

Our law firm focuses on:

  • Drug crimes – We handle all types of drug cases, from possession to sale to trafficking to manufacturing to cultivation, involving all types of controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth and even prescription drugs.
  • DWI offenses – We represent local residents and out-of-state drivers who have been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI).
  • Property crimes – We defend people charged with a range of crimes related to property, including theft, damage or injury to, and larceny of, property, as well as possession and receiving of stolen property.
  • Assault – From assault and battery and simple affray to the most serious felony assaults, we handle all assault cases, including domestic abuse.

We have a very successful track record defending people against drug charges. Dismissal can come in the form of conditional discharge, meaning that upon completion of community service or taking antidrug classes, the charges will be dropped. The arrest record can even be expunged at a later time. We are able to review an individual’s criminal record and determine if their record is eligible for expungement.

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For a private meeting with our experienced criminal defense attorney, Chris A. Cordes, contact our firm to schedule an appointment. Call our office at 828-848-8776 (toll-free at [888-321-0494) or send us an email. Located in Hickory, North Carolina, our office is near Lenoir-Rhyne University with access to Interstate 40.