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Help With An Employment Immigration For Businesses And Employees

America is a country built of immigrants. We want to help our businesses and families by as much as possible to navigate the immigration process.

Employment Immigration Law is Complex

For foreign nationals, the immigration system can be complex. Both employers and prospective foreign national employees can be confused by the legal terminology and rules. Just one simple mistake can mean a delay or rejection.

With the government back logged with applications, a worker can be put on hold indefinitely. Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC, believes it is in the best interest of businesses, workers, and the country to have qualified workers in the correct positions without delay due to paperwork errors or unintentional omissions.

We Help Complete Working Visa Applications

A non-immigrant working visa allows foreign nationals to remain in the U.S. for a specified period of time. The authorities want to ensure that both the worker and sponsoring company have the right qualities to participate in this program.

Potential foreign workers need to have experience, education, and skills that match those of the occupation. Meanwhile, the company needs to be financially solvent, able to afford paying the worker the prevailing wage, and offer necessary benefits. We can help applicants and employers assemble the necessary documentation increasing the chances of visa approval.

Avoid a Common Work Visa Problem

Choosing the right occupation classification is important. Currently, there are five employment levels which contain classifications for persons ranging from “extraordinary ability” in the arts, science, education, athletics, and business to skilled laborers, persons holding advanced degrees, and religious workers. It can become confusing finding your appropriate category when your job overlaps multiple areas. If the employer, who files the petition for a work visa, lists the inappropriate classification, this can create undue delay and expense.

It is common for applications to be delayed or denied when the government notices that the listed classification is not in line with the type of work performed at the company. Our office can help make sure the requirements are met for a stream-lined process.

Family Members Can Receive Visas Too

Dependent spouses and children have the right to accompany the temporary worker into the country through non-immigrant derivative benefits. Some (not all) derivative visa types will also allow the person to apply for employment authorization while in the country. Non-immigrant derivative visas will only remain effective if the principle applicant’s visa was granted and remains valid. Employers have to gather information on these family members as well. We can help.

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