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Many Crimes Affect You For Life

Many crimes stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life. And while you may not realize it at the time of your conviction, those lingering reminders of the mistake you made when you were young and immature can actually have serious consequences later on. From problems gaining employment to issues renting an apartment, your past outlined on your criminal record can interfere with your life, making it difficult to move on from your past mistakes.

Getting Your Criminal Record Expunged

Residents in North Carolina do have an option to move on from their past mistakes: an expungement. This legal process clears a person’s criminal record through a court order, thereby restoring their status in society to what it was before they committed any crimes.

Expungements are not an easy process to handle on your own nor are they something that can be sought for all crimes. The courts only grant them in very specific situations such as:

  • Your charge was dismissed or you were found not guilty.
  • You were convicted of a first-time, nonviolent offense and that crime occurred more than 15 years ago.
  • You were convicted of a first-time offense at the age of 18 or 22.

How Our Firm Can Assist You

Though expungements are incredibly rare in North Carolina, having a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney at your side can ensure you are going through the process properly and giving yourself the best chance at restoring your criminal record. As our client, we will prepare and file all necessary documents to help you complete the expungement process. We will stand as your advocate in all hearings or proceedings to make sure your request is heard.

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