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Every year, thousands of drivers throughout North Carolina are issued traffic tickets for all types of moving violations, the most common of which is speeding. If you are pulled over by a police officer and they issue you a traffic ticket, do not assume that you can just pay the fine listed on the ticket and forget about the incident. A traffic ticket can cause many problems in your life, and the total cost of the ticket could far exceed the printed fine amount.

Conover Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Helping Conover, NC, Drivers Fight Traffic Tickets With Confidence

The attorneys at Helton, Cody & Associates can fight for you to help you avoid the penalties for a traffic offense. If you did not commit the offense and believe you were unfairly ticketed then it is essential to fight the ticket, so you are not unjustly punished for something you didn’t do. If you did commit a traffic violation but believe the fine to be unjust, or if you believe your rights were violated in any way, it is also essential to fight the ticket, and a Conover traffic ticket attorney can guide you through your traffic court proceedings.

What to Expect in Traffic Court

If you are issued a ticket in Conover or elsewhere in Catawba County, the ticket itself will have instructions for paying the fine and for contesting the ticket. You have a limited time in which to request a traffic court hearing, so it’s a good idea to consult an experienced Conover traffic ticket attorney as soon as possible after receiving your ticket.

During the hearing, you may be confronted with the police officer who conducted your traffic stop and issued your ticket. The judge will listen to their account of the stop, including their explanation as to why they conducted the stop and the evidence they used to determine that you committed a traffic violation. You will then have a turn to defend yourself, and a good Conover traffic ticket attorney can help form a more compelling argument.

If the officer who issued your ticket does not show up in traffic court, you should not assume this means you automatically win the case. The evidence may be stacked against you in various ways, and you will still need to construct a compelling argument against your ticket. However, a good attorney can help you take advantage of this, and they will assist you in creating a strategy for proving that the ticket is unjustified.

No attorney can ever promise any client a specific outcome to their case, and ultimately the judge overseeing your hearing will have the final say on the matter of your traffic ticket. However, if you choose Helton, Cody & Associates as your legal counsel we can promise attentive, responsive, and meticulous attention throughout all stages of your case. We will carefully review the details of your traffic stop and look for all ways we can help you minimize your penalties or avoid them entirely.


Q: Do I Need a Lawyer for a Speeding Ticket?

A: Technically, no, you are not required to hire an attorney to help file a speeding ticket. However, entering traffic court without a legal representative can be challenging and you may be unprepared for your courtroom proceedings. When you have a Conover traffic ticket attorney advising you, you will be better prepared for the courtroom and more likely to minimize or avoid the penalty for your ticket.

Q: How Much Is a Speeding Ticket?

A: When you are issued a speeding ticket, the fine listed on the ticket will vary based on the severity of your speeding offense. However, it is important to note that the true cost of your ticket can entail many other factors. You could face court fees along with additional financial penalties in the form of increased insurance premiums. If you commit too many moving violations and accrue too many demerit points on your license, this can translate to losing your license and eventually facing greatly increased insurance premiums once you are legally able to drive again.

Q: How Do You Get a Traffic Ticket Dismissed?

A: Your greatest chance of having a traffic ticket dismissed is to attend a traffic court hearing. When you receive the ticket, it will have instructions for paying the fine, but this amounts to admitting fault for the offense and accepting the penalty. If you plan to challenge the ticket, you must schedule a traffic court hearing. During this hearing, you will have the chance to present your case and argue in front of the judge why you believe the ticket should be dismissed.

Q: Can You Go to Jail for Speeding?

A: North Carolina uses a sliding scale to determine fines and other penalties for speeding offenses. The severity of your penalty depends on how fast you were going over the posted speed limit as well as your previous driving record. If you have been previously cited for traffic offenses, it increases the chances of facing harsher penalties. Jail time is possible if the driver was excessively speeding, which usually means going more than 15 mph over the posted speed limit, if they have a history of reckless driving, or if they caused an accident while speeding.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Attorney for a Traffic Ticket?

A: Every attorney uses a different billing policy. Some attorneys who defend clients in criminal court and/or traffic court will offer flat rates for very specific legal services but usually bill their clients on an hourly basis. Always check to see an attorney’s billing policy before agreeing to their representation so you know what to expect in terms of your legal fees.

The team at Helton, Cody & Associates has helped many drivers in Catawba County approach their traffic court hearings with confidence. Do not make the mistake of assuming that simply paying your fine will resolve the situation, as you could face additional penalties that aren’t immediately obvious. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation with a Conover traffic ticket attorney and find out how we can help you avoid the harshest possible penalties for your traffic offense.

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