Removal Is The Worst Fear Of Many

Probably the worst fear of all aliens living in the United States is removal, commonly known as deportation. The process begins when the authorities have reason to believe that removing the foreign national will be in the best interest of the country. However, immigrants deserve legal protection.

Fortunately, we at The Law Offices of Lyndon R. Helton, PLLC, in North Carolina, have the know-how to help people defend themselves against removal. Our seasoned immigration law attorney Carla D. Vestal is here to help you with your removal defense matter.

Special Circumstances That Can Affect A Removal Order

Getting sent back to another country poses a problem for many.

  1. They may not know anything about that land. There are those who came to the United States as young people and now face deportation. Now, the government wants the alien to leave. We can help demonstrate the extreme hardship that removal will cause the person.
  2. Others might find themselves totally alone in the so-called home country. Their entire family may be in the United States now. With whom will they live upon return? How will they find a means of survival?
  3. We also understand that removal can be dangerous for some foreign nationals. There are instances when those who return to their birth land find that political or criminal enemies want to harm them. American authorities need to be made aware of this possibility prior to making a removal decision.

These are the types of issues that will have to be considered during the removal proceedings. Our immigration lawyer knows how to provide documented evidence of the effect that removal will have upon all involved. She helps the authorities make the wisest decision for our clients.

Removal Relief Is Available

A removal order can be reversed. Our firm can help clients seek relief to allow them to remain in the country. Options include:

  • Declare the removal order inadmissible
  • Get permanent residency
  • Seek asylum
  • Remove withdrawal because of special circumstances

Get Compassionate Removal Law Advice

Regardless of the reason for removal, each person deserves a right to a proper defense. The Law Offices of Lyndon R. Helton, PLLC, understands that each case is unique. We listen to the facts and design a legal strategy based on that information. As always, our objective is to protect the rights of those who prove no danger to our society.

Anyone served with removal paperwork needs to contact our compassionate law firm immediately. There are exact timelines in which to respond to the removal orders. We can help persuade the authorities of the importance of allowing the foreign national to remain among us.

Though located in North Carolina, we handle federal immigration law problems in all 50 states.

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