Marital Property Concerns

At Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC we do not deny that our clients are going through an emotional process. However, when it comes to dividing marital property, an in-depth, fact-based approach free of personal issues is vital.

While you deal with a difficult transition for you and your children, our attorneys work to identify the marital assets, properly categorize them, assign a value to the property and implement a plan for division.

Skilled North Carolina Lawyers Addressing Marital Property Concerns

North Carolina is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that division of martial property is not based on any grounds for the marriage ending. However, the courts will not allow the hiding of assets before a marriage ends or after a divorce action is filed. Severe penalties exist for financial misconduct.

Proactive steps can alleviate the concerns you have over marital property. Ending joint financial obligations such as credit card debt and bank accounts and opening separate accounts is important. Should you decide to keep joint accounts open, you should have some type of written agreement regarding the use of funds.

Whether you take those steps or not, the court will identify, classify, evaluate and distribute the marital property and debt. Our job is to defend your financial interests. From dividing houses, cars, boats and other real property to valuing family businesses, we ensure that you receive your rightful share.

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