Asserting Fathers' Rights In North Carolina

Just because a divorce ends the relationship between spouses does not mean a father's relationship with his children should change as well. While North Carolina law does not favor one parent over the other based on gender, mothers sometimes have an advantage based on age-old assumptions. This creates problems for fathers who want to ensure a lasting relationship with their children after the relationship with the mother has ended.

Fathers who have the ability and capacity to parent and protect the safety and well-being of their children have rights that need protection. At Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC, our job is to tell your story and secure the visitation and custody rights you are entitled to under North Carolina law.

The Importance Of Asserting Your Parental Rights

If you hope to gain custody of your child or children, establish a visitation schedule or have a say in the adoption of your unborn child, you need to prove your link to the child and assert your parental rights. In some cases, this may be a simple process. In others, you may require the experience and skills of a qualified attorney.

Getting Help From An Attorney

The decisions you make now can have a lifelong impact on you and your family. At Helton, Cody & Associates, PLLC, we will aggressively assert your rights to custody of your children while looking out for their best interests and welfare. With dedication and diligence, we fight to continue the relationships you enjoyed with your children during your marriage.

Fathers not married to the mothers of their children also have rights. However, securing a custody or visitation agreement requires proof of parentage either through paternity testing or acknowledgement of parentage. Once paternity has been established, you are entitled to your parental rights.

Assert Your Rights Today

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